Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shot-Up Car Parked at Carroll Gardens Bus Stop for Two Weeks

Shot Up Car One

The photos of this SUV were sent to us by a GL reader. We posted one the pics on Curbed yesterday, but a shot-up vehicle parked at Union and Henry in a bus stop for two weeks deserves more photos. Our tipster is a resident upset about a car with bullet holes and a bloody interior (that is police evidence) being left on the street. She writes:
If you take a walk by Mazzolla on Union and Henry you will see parked in the bus stop a silver Audi SUV with a smashed rear window. If you walk around the car you will see that it is riddled with bullet holes on the drivers side, each one labeled and numbered, and inside you will see it is blood spattered!...It is right in front of the bus stop that all the Brooklyn New School kids take and of course Mazzolla is a big magnet for kids. I am really getting my neighborhood ire up about this car. It is clearly some sort of evidence of a crime but it is just so wrong to keep it there. I have called 311 and have also talked to a local cop who says it is not the precinct’s car. So...what should we do?
Logic tells us that the shot up car belongs to the 76th Precinct, which is several hundred feet away on Union Street. The question is: How long will it be parked in the bus stop?

Shot Up Car Closeup



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee how comforting is it that the NYC Police Dept leaves a car that is murder evidence on the street parked in a bus stop where it could be easily towed and the evidence contaiminated? Gee that would spoil a DA's case? Or mabey they don't care about getting the bad guys behind bars?

The DA should take note of this.

2:48 PM  

Get over it. The 76th has been doing this for years. Way long before you even heard of Carroll Gardens. Now all of a sudden things have to change cause of all the new comers. Give me a break. Why don't you put your energy and time into something more important like feeding or housing the homeless. It think you have to much time on your hands. If you don't like it then don't walk down Union Street or just move.

11:36 PM  

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