Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Story of Williamsburg: 6 Sick Hipsters

Yes, the YouTube vid below is basically a commercial for an upcoming novel, but it's a bizarre and amusing-sounding murder set in Williamsburg dealing with someone that is doing away with hipsters in a bloody way. (The website for the book is here.) We found a post about Rayo Casablanca's new book on Gothamist, and the description from the press release:
Lately someone has been laying waste to Brooklyn's uber-hipsters, dispatching them in gruesome fashion. Before the week is over, they'll be up to their skinny-jean waists in mayhem, manipulation, contract killers, raw sewage, and murderous monkeys. Something is rotten in the state of Billyburg, and the last hipsters standing will discover just how rotten it really is.
Murderous monkeys in Williamsburg? Put us down for a copy.



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