Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bklink: Coney Island Express

"Could a Coney Express ever begin zipping passengers from Manhattan’s connecting point in a bee line to Coney Island? At Monday’s Coney Island Development Corporation meeting CIDC president, Lynn Kelly mentioned the need for an express line to Coney. For many years one of the main reason’s Coney Island could not so easily thrive as other places in Brooklyn like Williamsburg is the distance and travel time to Manhattan." There is a history to the idea.--Kinetic Carnival

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Anonymous Capt_Nemo said...

Years ago, there was a Coney Island express train running on the Sea Beach Line (N Train) The Manhattan bound tracks are still there and just used for testing new trains. The Coney Island bound side fell into disrepair and parts are no longer there. I think Lynn Kelly was talking about using the F Train, but that is not a straight run.


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