Sunday, January 27, 2008

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: Lost & Found

This week's Sunday Brooklyn Missed Connection is more of a lost & found item than a missed connection in the strictest sense, but there's something about it that appealed to us, typos and all:
throwing stuff off of bridges

i was wondering aroudn NYC. i am a traveling kid that was exporing williamsburg area. and i wondered in between two wharehouses to the water side and found some crazy stuff.
this bundle of jewlery being the only realy interesting thing that is worth questioningl. did you throw me away? it got me currious. why did you throw it away?
i don't know...i don't think that you are looking for these. but if you are i found them. if these are yours tell me about them. what made you do it. and do you want them back? most of them are with me in ohio, some of them are in brooklyn with friends. but let me know...
After all the comments people leave here and there about how people "should go back to Ohio," we finally have someone that actually went back to Ohio.

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