Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meanwhile, Bullets Flying in Prospect Heights

Park Slope may have its mugging situation and standoffs with the cops, but Prospect Heights (which has also had a wave of muggings), had two different shooting incidents yesterday. In fact, the Prospect Heights Forum now has two different discussion threads. One for the overnight shooting. And one for the daylight shooting. The overnight shooting, which happened around 1:55 somewhere on Underhill Avenue, was widely heard and reported by posters. Six shots were fire. The morning one, which happened at Prospect and Underhill Place near a playground, was a drive-by situation that police described as a possible "grudge" situation.

UPDATE ON PARK SLOPE MUGGINGS: In case you missed our post yesterday afternoon, the 78th Precinct says that the case of the muggings that have been occurring on Prospect Park West and Eighth Avenue are "still open." There have been numerous reports of women walking along being mugged. Some arrests have been made, but it's not known if those committing serial muggings have been caught.

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