Wednesday, January 09, 2008

PM Update: Park Slope Mugging Cases "Still Open"

Yesterday, one of the victims of the rash of Park Slope muggings we posted about on Saturday emailed OTBKB with her story of being mugged on Sunday. She noted that someone had been arrested in Prospect Park afterward. Yet, the details of the mugging sounded like different people might be responsible than the ones causing the mini-crime wave on Prospect Park West and Eighth Avenue. An email via Park Slope Parents says that a 78th Precinct Detective says the case is still "open." The email goes on to say that "from what I've heard it's not yet a done deal." In the meantime, the latest crime statistics from the 78th Precinct actually show only one reported robbery from December 31-January 6. There were 17 during the last 28 days, which is one more than during the same period a year ago.



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