Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rash of Muggings in Park Slope: Women Targeted on Eighth Ave., Prospect Park West

The Prospect Heights Forum over a Brooklynian has been buzzing for months because of a mini-crime wave of muggings around the Heights. Now, there's an email that is being circulated via the Park Slope Parents Group that says some serial muggers seem to be hard at work in Park Slope and are targeting women. (Reported robberies in the 78th Precinct were up 33 percent in December, but down 12.5 percent for the year overall.) The email in full:
My wife, daughters and I have been Park Slopers for several years and are dedicated to the neighborhood and the community.

My wife was mugged around 8pm on New Year's Day on 8th Ave and 2nd Street by two hooded men. They followed her, held her and grabbed her purse. She was physically unharmed, but very upset and feels deeply violated. It was very traumatic for our daughters to see their mother as upset as she was.

The police responded quickly and during the investigation said that this has been going on regularly in the neighborhood. It has happened several times in the last week and the M.O. is always the same. Two or three men with hoods pulled way over their faces or scarves covering them, sometimes with knives, after dark, looming in the shadows - especially on 8th Ave or PPW [Prospect Park West]. They have chosen their location, they have decided on a method and most disturbingly they have picked their victim: women walking by themselves after dark.

I wondered if you could help inform the community about this to help avoid any more women being mugged and violated in this neighborhood so loved for it's safety and civility. In print, online and/or as e-mail, anything and everything that spreads the word in the community would be a help.
There are many threads on the Prospect Heights mugging wave over at Brooklynian. Meanwhile, crime data from the 78th Precinct shows that there were 20 reported robberies in December, which is up from 15 in December, 2006, making for a 33 percent increase.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A female friend just got mugged on 15th St. between 5th and 4th Ave. by two hooded men. Be careful!

2:52 AM  
Blogger Lizz said...

Walk a dog! It may give me a false sense of security, but I think it helps to be walking your dog.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in this area and I REALLY appreciate your bringing this to my attention. While I always try to remain alert, this reminds me to keep my vigilance. Also, knowing the MO is very helpful. I'm sorry for your family's trauma - I know how incredibly violating and upsetting this feels.

And I appreciate the additional comment about the other location.

BTW - the dog comment? Not so helpful. A) We don't all have dogs and B) What do you propose doing when you are walking home from the subway?

11:34 PM  
Anonymous The Shamrock Shake said...

the dog walking suggestion might not be helpful to ALL, but that does not render it unhelpful. Dogs aren't for everyone, and they won't help you coming from the subway, but they will help if you have one, believe me. (I have a shepherd, people are TOO afraid of her.)

Having gone to high school in north philly, college in the bronx, and now live in park slope, here is what you need to know. Always, always, be aware of your surroundings. They probably run into the park. Watch for them to come down from that way. If you see kids, 3 or 4, or adults, it's better to make sure they know that you see them and run a little. They go after people when they have the element of surprise...don't give it to them...if they are in the street, or on the sidewalk, don't walk between them and a fence or houses and trap yourself. muggings are traumatic, I had nightmares after my first run in. Best of luck!

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Big J Stokes said...

I was mugged myself on Jan. 13th on 16th st. between 4th and 5th ave. But I'm a 6'4" 25y/o man, who was with my friend (male too). However it was 2 guys with hoods, and they had a .50magnum. It was also at 2:30pm! I've just moved to New York from Texas a few months ago, and am about to move to Sunset Park, and this happens. Frankly, I'm scared.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Park Slope should campaign for cameras on various streets and intersections. Like you know, every other large city in Europe has. NYC is very behind on implementing these methods. And better streetlights! The lights are SO dim in Park Slope if not pitch dark on some blocks. Anyway, always look out for people following you and don't feel guilty for feeling paranoid about people. If someone is creeping you out it's your survival instinct talking to you. Just step into a bar or store and if there are none nearby and you're on a residential block, pull out your cell phone and call somebody. Start talking loudly on the cell phone whether the person answers or not. Sound crazy, that can help.

1:49 PM  

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