Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Upcoming: The Grim Mulcher Cometh

Holidays Definitely Over

If the holidays are over, that can only mean one thing: It's almost time for Mulchfest. This year's festivities take place on Saturday (1/5) and Sunday (1/6) from 10AM-2PM. We've gone to the copy & paste courtesy of the Parks Department website to bring you all the Brooklyn chipping and drop off locations. The Sanitation Department is also picking up trees for recycling that are left at the curb starting tomorrow (1/3) through January 16, for those that want to hang on to that holiday spirit beyond Sunday. In Park Slope, the Mulchfest crew is looking for volunteers to help out. If anyone's interested, they can call 718-965-8960 or email volunteers (at) prospectpark (dot) org. The links in the table below, by the way, take you to the maps of each park on the Parks Dept. website. Happy mulching:

Location Address Service
McCarren Park Driggs Avenue & Lorimer Street Chipping
Von King Park Lafayette Street & Tompkins Avenue Chipping
Ft Greene Park Washington Pk. & Willoughby Street Chipping
Cobble Hill Park Verandah Place & Clinton Street Chipping
Prospect Park Third Street at Prospect Park West Chipping
Park Circle Parkside Avenue & Prospect Park Southwest Chipping
Owl’s Head Park Colonial Road & 68th Street Chipping
Marine Park Avenue U & 33rd Streets Chipping
McGolrick Park Monitor Street & Driggs Avenue Drop-off only
Maria Hernandez Park Knickerbocker Avenue & Suydam Street Drop-off only
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Dumont Avenue & Bradford Street Drop-off only
Amazing Garden Carroll Street & Columbia Street Drop-off only
Coffey Park Dwight Stree & Verona Street Drop-off only
Sunset Park 44th Street & 6th Avenue Drop-off only
Bensonhurst Park Bay 30th Street & Cropsey Avenue Drop-off only
Paerdegat Park 40th Street & Foster Avenue Drop-off only
Green-Wood Cemetery 25th Street & 5th Avenue Drop-off only
Green-Wood Cemetery Mulchfest Info: Drop off trees 8am to 4:30pm daily from Jan 1 thru Jan 11. Bring trees for chipping 10am to 2pm on Sat Jan 12.
Lincoln Terrace Park Buffalo Avenue between East New York Avenue and Eastern Parkway Drop-off only
Shore Road Park 79th Street & Shore Road Drop-off only

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