Saturday, February 02, 2008

Atlantic Yards Suit Dismissal Roundup


Yesterday's big news was that a Federal Appeals Court had dismissed an appeal of an earlier ruling in the Atlantic Yards eminent domain suit. In a 24-page ruling, the judges noted the project creates public benefits like housing and that "Federal judges may not intervene in such matters simply on the basis of our sympathies." (A link to a PDF of the Court's opinion can be found here.) They said elected officials should make decisions in such cases. Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn quickly announced that it would appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court, which accepts only a fraction of the cases that come before it each year. It is unknown whether the Court has an interest in revisiting the issue of eminent domain or views the complex Atlantic Yards case as the vehicle with which to do so. Atlantic Yards Report called a Supreme Court appeal "a longshot," noting the court accepts two percent of the cases brought to it, but did not that eminent domain is a "hot-button issue."

Here is a roundup of some of the coverage:
In dismissal of eminent domain case, court cautions against appeal [AYR]
Opponents of Atlantic Yards Lose and Appellate Ruling [NYT]
Federal appeals court says Atlantic Yards project can go forward [NYDN]
Federal Court Rejects Appeal [TRE]
Breaking CurbedWire: Main Atlantic Yards Suit Dismissed [Curbed]
Another Anti-AY Suit Gets Tossed [Brownstoner]



Blogger Peregrine said...

The real losers here are the people that were duped and fleeced for lawyers’ fees by DDDB.
Generous buyouts were offered at a time when apartments could have been purchased for great prices now the tenants have lost their homes/businesses all for the folly that DDDB and their lawyers foisted on them.
DDDB & AYR has done the residents and the borough a huge disservice by keeping these losing lawsuits alive.
The only ones who have benefited are the lawyers.
I think an examination of the profits and agenda of DDDB needs to be done.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truly a done deal.
SCOTUS isn't going near this case.
The whining
Daddy's boy takes a buyout, Freddy's [home of the dirty beer pipes] goes away and construction truly begins this fall.
What's more to like?
Buncha architects are re-designing the monstrosities ... you'll see a new design soon.
Oh it was such a cause ... like the People's Park our daddies and the history books tell us ... books, sing-ins, love-ins, oh boy!

12:04 PM  

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