Saturday, February 16, 2008

Brookbit: More Park Slope Credit Card Fraud

Stories of credit card fraud from Park Slope, involving bogus cards being used to run up charges far from Brooklyn continue. A reader passed us a report from another Park Slope Parents email from someone with a card in the family that was used to buy gas in Kissimmee, Florida. "Coincidentally, I did some shopping using his card in Park Slope last weekend," the victim says. The report fits earlier reports of fraud, with victims wondering if there is a Park Slope merchant that is the source of some of the incidents. The 78th Precinct was supposed to be investigating a few cases that were reported them. [GL Inbox]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happened to me (and two of my friends). Someone copied my ATM/check card and used it to buy over $1000 in gas all over Florida. As much as my bank assures me that this is common, the fact that this has happened to this many people in this neighborhood over the past few weeks certainly makes me suspicious.

Have the other people filed police reports?

12:52 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Happened to me about two years ago, when I was living in the South Slope--my savings account statement showed a series of ATM withdrawals from a country I've never been to. 72nd Precinct took a report, but told me they were not going to follow up or investigate in any way. The bank refunded my money less a $50 deductible; my renter's insurance has no deductible on theft claims and thus gave me the $50. Three other people I know have had a version of the same experience in the last 2 years. Check your bank statement carefully.

2:49 PM  

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