Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brooklyn Nibbles: Fifth Avenue Openings & Closings

Earth Tonez

There are some Park Slope things to catch up on, from the Fifth Avenue side:

1) Earth Tonez, a new veggie and vegan cafe, is open at 349 Fifth Avenue, between Fourth and Fifth Streets. The menus leans toward sandwiches and wraps, plus veggie burgers and salads. There's also a pretty complete vegan dessert selection. With V Spot, and S'Nice opening a block away, Fifth Avenue is becoming quite the little stretch for veg-friendly restaurants.

2) Cocotte c'est muerte. The French restaurant at 337 Fifth Avenue, at Fourth Street, is sporting a sign in the window announcing its demise. The death is being blamed on rising rent and an inability to make a go of it financially.

3) Fatoosh, the Brooklyn Heights Middle Eastern, has opened a branch on Fifth Avenue near Ninth Street. Nice interior and presumably some good food too. So, does it mean a Falafel War/Hummus Fight with Pita Hut on Ninth Street?

4) This bit of info has been gathering dust for so long that it doesn't qualify as news, but the Fifth Avenue storefront that was part of the Chip Shop for a time and then was a very short lived (and somewhat underwhelming) Middle Eastern called Alaturka has come back as Mediterra, which has a Mediterranean menu that travels to Turkey, Greece, France and Italy. Mediterra is on Fifth Ave. at the corner of Sixth Street and we hope this is not a Corner of Death type of situation that is evolving.


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Blogger Gringcorp said...

Hey, you missed Garfield's on fourth and Garfield. Alright, it's not open for a month yet. But you can never be too early.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous lauren said...

also, brooklyn bread opening on the oposite corner from mediterra.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Jennie said...

Re: Cocotte--"muerte" is Spanish for "death"; "mort(e)" is French. I think it should be "Cocotte est mort," because "restaurant" is masculine, although you could make an argument that "Cocotte" is feminine.

I'm done being annoying now. Thanks for the info, anyway.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone know who's the owner of the building where Cocotte used to be or know Cocotte's ex owner's name?
Any info would be appreciated.
Please send info to loranteu@yahoo.com
Thanks a million.

4:43 PM  

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