Saturday, February 16, 2008

Burg's Modern Rocks Out Too Hard, Gets Stopped

We wondered why nobody was working at the site of the Modern, the controversial Burg building on N. 7 Street, when we passed by last weeked. Now we know why: the building was hit with another Stop Work Order. This time, the trouble is that it was causing damage to a neighboring building "causing water to enter" the basement. Modern fans will, of course, recall a long, long list of issues at this neighborhood favorite, which just came out the penalty box in early January. Since then, seven complaints have been called in to the Department of Buildings about the project, many of them for illegal after-hours work. Given that most were checked out 72 hours after the complaints were made, no evidence of the work was found. Here's hoping that when the DOB's new teams go out hunting for illegal work, they focus on Williamsburg. It should be like going hunting in a petting zoo.

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