Monday, February 11, 2008

Construction Site Du Jour: 80 Metropolitan Blowing in the Wind

80 Met Fence One

This is not our first time tossing up some photos of the cruddy, dangerous conditions at our dear friend 80 Metropolitan in Williamsburg. In fact, today's post makes 80 Met a Triple Crown winner (with other occasions having been here and here). Yesterday, we found the 80 Met construction site wide open, with some of the (pretty flimsy looking) fence having come down, possibly due to the wind. Back in December the Department of Buildings cited the developer, Steiner Equities, for the lousy fence which had "defects thru out." Uh, still seems to have defects both through and out. What we fail to understand is how, on a big budget development like 80 Metropolitan, with a sales office a block from the construction site, conditions that could kill or injure someone stupid enough to walk around the site are allowed to persist. By the way, this would be the "townhouse" side of the development we were able to visit.

80 Met Fence Two

80 Met Three

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