Monday, February 11, 2008

Bklink: Scaffold in the Wind, Part II

"At the hight of the wind, firefighters checked out the scaffolding built around 20 Henry Street -- the Peaks Mason Mints building (also called the Candy Factory). Urban Realty Partners paid $19.6 million for the site last year." Photo of firefighters walking on the scaffold included.--McBrooklyn

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Blogger Right in Bay Ridge said...

I'm surprised that this building collapse didn't get any coverage today:

Right in Bay Ridge

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reference to "Peaks Mason Mints"
is somewhat incorrect.
Even though that is how it appears
on the side of the building,
Mason was the name of the company
that made Mints and Peaks.
The company then moved out near
Mineola and later sold to Bayuk
Cigars and then again to Tootsie
Roll. The only surviving candy
is Dots. Dots used to have the gum-drop licorice in it until a sampling of my 6th grade class indicated that it was the least favorite and it was dropped. If people wanted licorice, they did make Black Crows, like Dots only all licorice.

RN (great-grandson) of founder

2:28 PM  

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