Sunday, February 03, 2008

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: You Stole My Coat / You Turned in My Clutch

Talk about Yin and Yang. We found two Brooklyn Missed Connection ads that were posted yesterday that are very different sides of the same coin. One is to someone that stole someone's coat at Union Pool in Williamsburg. The other is to someone that turned in someone's clutch at Union Pool in Williamsburg. First, the theft:
To the guy whole stole my coat last night at Union Pool... - w4m
I even saw you do it... you walked out wearing my dark green coat, and I think I even stopped you for a minute. But, I am naive and thought "no guy would steal my coat". Anyway, I'm sure stealing my coat was hilarious to you, and I enjoyed walking home in the cold, but I'd really really like it back. It was a gift from my parents and it keeps me warm outside. If I could get it back I'd be very appreciative and would not be mad at all. Thanks.
To recap: the dude stole a woman's coat and she's not pissed. Now, on to a very different posting:
the "handsome man" who turned in my clutch at Union Pool last night - 25
That's what the bartender said, anyway. I asked her to point you out so I could thank you in person but she couldn't find you. So, thank you so much. I was out celebrating turning in a very big project and got so drunk I must have left in the bathroom. I was halfway home before I realized I didn't have it and ran back, not expecting it to still be there (especially considering there was a brand new PDA in there). Anyway, thanks for reminding me that the world is not full of assholes. May your good karma follow you. Thanks again, Emily
Stealing & turning something in. Bad karma & good karma. Two ads, two hours apart.

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