Sunday, February 10, 2008

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: Vortex of Lust in Aisle 3

Our Sunday Brooklyn Missed Connection this week isn't so much about a Missed Connection as it is about wanting to make a connection at the Steve's C-Town on Ninth Street in Park Slope. Here it is:
all the sexual tension at C town - m4w - 36
is it me, or does everyone who shops at c town want to get laid? i was shopping there earlier today and it resembled a fellini movie. anyone feel similarly? I'd gladly take the brunette with the stroller in aisle 3. Cheers.
This was one of the followups:
I have noticed that as well. I am going for groceries and suddenly want to make out with the guy with the fig newmans and beer in his red basket. It is a vortex, no kidding! Maybe I'll see you there...I am the curvy brunette with green eyes and half and half in my little red basket!
Not as good as the Park Slope Food Coop, but tantalizing, nonetheless.

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