Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Glimpse Inside Playland


[Photos by Poci, Coney Island Message Board]

Of all the structures in Coney Island, one of the most interesting ones to many visitors is the ruined Playland arcade. It sits on Surf Avenue at one end of the big lot that was once occupied by the demolished Thunderbolt roller coaster. Viewed from the boardwalk, it is far away, at the end of a vacant lot that is either overrun by weeds or full of trash, depending on the time of year. Within the last two days, some great photos of the interior, as glimpsed through a hole in the wall have been posted. The excellent photos above were posted on the Coney Island Message Board by Poci. There is also a new, small set on flickr posted by lornagrl, who generally takes some very nice shots of our favorite Brooklyn waterside locale. We find such abandoned "resort" places riveting in their own way. Anyone interested in looking at shots of the exterior can find 209 photos on flickr tagged "playland" and "coney."

Playland Exterior



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