Monday, February 04, 2008

Greenpoint Pile Driving at 2AM Sunday Morning?

Here's a fun email circulating via a Community Board 1 mailing list on Yahoo that gets at the subject of "after hours work" in a major way:
Early this morning ( 2/2/08 ) at around 2 a.m. we were awakened by pile driving. The pile driving continued for over an hour. Our apartment is on the corner of Dupont & Manhattan. Did anyone else in the area hear it? Anyone know who's responsible? I made a DEP report regarding the incident but was unable to give a location. These construction teams are so cocky, that they are comfortable to pile drive in the early am.
Given that the noise that pile driving makes is very distinctive, it's very hard to mistake anything else for it, so all we can say is two things: A). 2AM? B). Why?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why 2am? so no locals are around to see when they hit the gusher of oil underneath in Greenpoint. Why they could stop the pile driving and leave the lot vacant and avoid that nasty liability for cleaning it up once they were aware that it was a polluted site...or even more criminal and typical, they will build anyway, pretending to deny the situation and sell the units asap and unload the risk and get out and let the young new family with a baby suffer the health consequences. That's the NYC way. Its called Gentrification with a Toxic twist. Drink up.

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