Monday, February 18, 2008

Matzo Factory Fire on Kent Avenue

There's been a matzo factory fire on Kent Avenue near Flushing. The blaze shows up on Gothamist Maps as a three alarm fire and an AP report on 1010WINS says that "a fire in a building along the Brooklyn waterfront erupted in a basement that contained a matzo bakery" and that it "is not far from" 475 Kent, which was evacuated in January after a bunch of fire code violations, including an illegal matzo factory, were found in the basement. The address, however, is 799 Kent which is on the other side of the BQE and is more than a stone's throw from the waterfront and is a significant distance from 475 Kent. Today's blaze began at 4:32 AM. A third alarm was reported at 6:40 AM.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

very strange fire and the link...I hope they are not trying to make an excuse in case they go to court for evacuating 475 kent ave.

5:22 PM  

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