Sunday, February 17, 2008

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: You Almost Killed Me, But You're Hot

When a man notices a woman, it doesn't matter that she almost ran him down when fleeing a bar. Attraction is attraction. The evidence is right here in our Brooklyn Missed Connection of the week, which comes to us from Bay Ridge:
You almost ran me over!!! - m4w - 38

I noticed you last night, I was sitting a couple of tables down from you with my were the prettiest girl at the bar, too bad your friends got you angry and you stormed out. I came out to talk and perhaps buy you a drink, but you ran to your SUV and drove off, almost running me over. Your night was ruined, I felt so mad, what an injustice to a beautiful brunette!!! I'm 5'8" Dark Hair/ Dark Eyes half Italian / Half Brazilian, perhaps you noticed me too.. I know I can make you forget about whatever got you angry. Please tell me which Bar it was, so I'll know its you. Ciao Bella, and I hope you have a happier Valentine's Day!!!
The near miss vehicular homicide clearly wasn't directed at the poster, so maybe he does have a chance with her, as long as uses mass transit on the first date.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A guy thats 5'8"? You have no chance with this chick.
Stick to munchkins dude.

11:53 AM  

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