Thursday, February 07, 2008

Street Couch Series: Manhattan Ave. No Pesticides Edition

Manhattan Ave Couch

The image of this street couch, which comes from Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, was passed along to us by our Greenpoint correspondent. It also came with some dialog:
Miss H: That sure is a nice couch.
Man: Yeah.
Miss H: I wouldn't take that home if I were you, it might have bedbugs.
Man: Really? Can they get in the folds of leather upholstery.
Miss H: You bet, they can get into just about anything. What's more, there is a very serious bedbug problem here. Don't take it.
Man: Yeah, one time my friends and I thought we were stealing a couch. We got it home and well...
Miss H: Bedbugs?
Man: Yeah. That's what you get when you ban DDT.
It has certainly been a while since we thought about DDT.

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