Sunday, February 24, 2008

Upcoming: Park Slope Book Sale Continues Today

Earlier in the week, we noted the big book sale at Park Slope United Methodist Church this weekend, but we got another email from them about tomorrow's continuation of the sale, so why not? Here's what they have to say:
We had so many books this year that we were only able to put a fraction of them out on Saturday morning and thus we were re-stocking the tables with fresh books all day. So, if you came on Saturday, we invite you to return on Sunday for more book browsing and buying. And if you didn’t make it today, please know that there are lots & lots of good books to be found -- all the tables in every category are completely filled to capacity (and, in fact, there are still more books to be put on the tables on Sunday!).

And there are still hundreds of videos, and some nice CDs & DVDs. And records too! The Sunday sale begins at 1:00pm, following our morning worship service and regular Sunday programs. We ask that book shoppers not come to the church before 1:00.
Sale hours are 1PM-4PM. Park Slope United Methodist Church is located on Sixth Avenue at Eighth Street.

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