Monday, March 24, 2008

Adoptable Brooklyn Cutie of the Week: Buddha

We are delayed in posting our Adoptable Cutie of the Week, but when we got this time-sensitive photo from the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, we knew what we had to do.


Here's some info about our heartbreakingly cute kitty:
Buddha arrived at BARC with a thick file of vet records and an amazingly sunny and sweet attitude. She has a condition called "pulled-tail syndrome" and had a 50/50 chance to regain total feeling in her tail and bottom. She has improved considerably, but is considered a "special needs" kitten. We don't know what exactly happened to her, it may have been intentional abuse or an accident, but she holds no grudge for us humans and would love to have a real home. Anyone interested in adopting Buddha should contact me, her foster "mom" at lisacatv (at) yahoo (dot) com for more information.
General info about adopting from BARC can be found here. Also, there's a very funny vid of her playing with those Easter eggs, here.

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