Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bklink: The Oil Spill

Haven't read a nice, long feature story on the Exxon-Mobil Oil Spill in Greenpoint recently? Want a refresher on the "55-acre plume of oil floating on top of groundwater 30-40 feet underground" and how people "have been living with the spill for more than 50 years, enduring vapors seeping into some basements and wafting through the streets from nearby Newtown Creek, which the petroleum trickles into"? Well, then here is some weekend reading.--Plenty

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the numberous occurances of petro smells in the williamsburg area that have seemed to begun in last couple years with all the big building development that seems to be striking and dispersing underground dormant oil pools etc, will the condo buyers who put downpayments on the new condo buildings not yet finsihed and closed upon,,will there be huge spike in number people walking away and also fighting the developers for refundments in part b/c the sites they are buidling on are in fact containminated and the developers, City and State hid that nasty health fact so they could have a big condo boom here?? AND what about the old property and building and such that now have oil dispersed to them due to the developer dislodging the old dormant oil pools that had perviously lie too far down to be disturbed but have now been and so untainted property owners before the developer came are NOW tainted with oil issues in the land under their property---often via the extensive underground stream system in Williamsburg.

Seems like there is room here for alot of litigation and alot of fessing up by the City and the developers. Not to mention that because they developers dislodged these toxic oil pools b/c of their condo digging that the already heavily polluted neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenhpoint have now gotten even more so---all in the name to RE development where as before it was in the name of industry....this area has gotten shafted again just a diff time with diff players.

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