Friday, March 14, 2008

Brooklyn Museum to Get Hit with Atlantic Yards Blowback?

Is the Brooklyn Museum in for some Atlantic Yards/Bruce Ratner blowback? Atlantic Yards Report notes there was visible anger at a meeting about Atlantic yards last night about an upcoming April 3 Gala honoring developer Bruce Ratner. AYR notes:
...the crowd’s ire was spurred by breaking news that Forest City Ratner CEO Bruce Ratner would be honored early next month by the Brooklyn Museum. And while local elected officials were understandably wary of criticizing the museum, leading the Brooklyn Paper to conclude that that DDDB’s Daniel Goldstein "was nearly alone in his vitriol," that wasn’t the mood last night. Goldstein...said DDDB had received a lot of e-mail about it. Prospect Heights resident Irene Porges told the crowd that she had just purchased a museum membership but would ask for her money back.

Others said they wanted to hold a protest on the occasion of the museum’s ball honoring Ratner on April 3, and met afterward to plan the action. The effect of Forest City Ratner’s contributions to local institutions, Goldstein said, "is to silence a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise be silent."
Stay tuned to see what form protests about the Brooklyn Museum Ratner Gala take.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look at the public art projects aroind Brooklyn - like in Prospect Park, you will see that Ratner financed them. Artists should realize how they are being used to promote him and his agenda.

It is pitiful.

2:24 PM  

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