Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun on the Belt Parkway: Seven Bridges to Be Rebuilt

For those that appreciate the unique joy that is driving the Belt Parkway, GerritsenBeach.Net passes along news certain to warm the heart of construction lovers. More than $500 million will be spent in coming years to rebuild seven bridges and their approaches to the parkway including Bay Ridge Avenue, Fresh Creek, Gerritsen Inlet, Mill Basin, Nostrand Avenue, Paerdegat Basin and Rockaway Parkway. Per GerritsenBeach.Net:
The new Mill Basin and Paerdegat Basin bridges will be built along side the existing bridges, while the other ones will be built piece by piece with construction lane closures. The Gerritsen Inlet and Mill Basin bridges will start in 2010. The Mill Basin Drawbridge will no longer be a drawbridge, rather a fixed bridge with a clearance of 60 feet a huge change from the existing 35 feet.
Should make things more interesting.

[Photo courtesy of Satyadasa/flickr]

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