Saturday, March 08, 2008

Plans for Controversial Carroll Gardens Building Coming in April

340 Court Demo Prep

The Union-Sackett Block Association is having it monthly meething this morning (3/8) at 11:30 AM, but the big news from Court Street is a session that will take place in a few weeks. The Clarett Group, which is developing the controversial building on the site of the former International Longshoreman's Association Building at 340 Court Street, will be having a meeting with the community on Thursday, April 3, from 7PM-9PM. They will be unveiling plans for the building from Rogers Marvel and will no doubt have renderings of the structure they are going to build. The meeting will take place at PS 58, which is located at 330 Smith St. Per the Union-Sackett Block Association Blog:
All members of the community are encouraged to attend the event. The more attendees there are, the more our concern and commitment to Brooklyn and Carroll Gardens is displayed.

During the meeting, the Clarett Group and representatives from the architecture firm hired for the project, Rogers Marvel, will present plans and renderings of the condo building and townhouses that will replaces the former ILA building at 340 Court Street. There will be a short presentation from the Union-Sackett Block Association and time for a question and answer session.
Meanwhile, demolition prep work is continuing at the existing building. This morning's session takes place at the Carroll Gardens Public Library, which is located at Clinton & Union Streets.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

it will be interseting to see what the lower rung of rogers marvel have planned for this spot. with all the fantasy monster buildings in the public space and the governors island win, little 340 court street could be designed by temps...All this sharing with the nabe just isn't helping. I think what they all do is design one moster thing, show it to the neighborhood and everyone freaks, then, they go back to their offices and get the not so monster drawings, wait a week, and show again. Just to make it look like they want to work with us. It'll be a glass nightmare, people. Get ready....I know, CG is next on the chopping block. But, one thing, we won't go down, or UP, without a fight.

8:23 PM  

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