Friday, March 07, 2008

Park Slope Friday Focus #2: B of A Improving Seventh Ave.

B of A Tagged One

We haven't sensed a lot of Park Slope enthusiasm for the new Bank of America branch that's going to be opening at Sixth Street and Seventh Avenue in the space that used to house Gothic Cabinet Craft and D'Agostino's. We can report that the big red thing out front has been tagged up as has the side of the building, and Brooklynian reports an interesting story of police intervention with the kids that did the tagging last Friday:
I go to the window and what do I see? Six teenagers (five white, one black) standing across the street passing a joint around and being the usual obnoxious shits that teenagers are. And then one of the white punks spray paints a giant tag on our neighbor’s garage door. So, I call the cops and wait to see if they show up before the punks leave. As I’m waiting these idiots just stand around smoking more dope and videotaping themselves with a tiny camcorder (which makes me think they are some rich little white snots who probably live in mommie’s brownstone and like to go out “slumming”).

Anyway, the cops do arrive in force. Five squad cars, ten cops and they start talking to the kids (two of them got away by walking right passed the cars as they were pulling up)...The next morning I see tags all over the block- even on a giant, old tree (and the new Bank of America plywood which is sort of a mixed blessing).
Quite the police response for kids tagging stuff up (and there's quite a long discussion about the entire incident), but the question is, will the upkeep be any better when the B of A branch opens?

B of A Tagged Two



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