Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Death & Police Investigation at Carroll Street Apartment


This is the scene a little while ago as sent to us by a GL reader in Carroll Gardens. A reader writes that a resident was found dead on in an apartment on Carroll Street near Bond and that police are trying to determine if foul play was involved. Our reader writes: "The site of the possible foul play is directly across the street from 333 Carroll, between Bond and Hoyt. The cops put caution tape around the entrance to the basement level of the house. The house's owner said they were investigating the death of his tenant and the police are trying to figure out if it's a murder. There were four cop cars there and other neighbors said police were questioning them and looking through their trash." There's no definitive indication, however, about whether the death was by natural causes, by accident or a homicide.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ABC believes it was a stabbing...


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