Thursday, March 20, 2008

Previously Backless Carroll Gardens Brownstone Goes Topless

Topless Building First Place

This is 126 First Place in Carroll Gardens, which became known as the "Backless Building" among some residents because it's back was removed and it stayed that way for a while. Well, the back is still on (as can be seen in the photo below). Now, the top is gone, and the some of the side walls are getting a trim too. (On Monday, we watched the side wall being cut apart.) Caroll Gardens blogger PMFA, who does not like this sort of thing one bit, called it "another bastardized brownstone in Carroll Gardens." There's a partial stop work order on the building, indicating that only interior work can be done. Here's what Department of Buildings records show is going on: the three-story brownstone is in the process of becoming a six-story one. The DOB records show that 3,000 square feet are being added to the building and that the new structure will rise to 60 feet. There will be five units in the new building. The building is directly behind the former Heavy Metal Building site at 360 Smith Street.

Wall Cut copy

Backless House First Place

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