Monday, March 24, 2008

Williamsburg; Land of the Pampered (Rock & Roll) Dogs

Dog Addiction One

It's probably coincidence that we found things tacked up for both a new Burg dog center called Dog Addiction and for Doggie Day Trips on the same day. Dog Addiction is opening on March 31 at 243 Berry Street at N. 1. It's your basic doggie day care center with a twist. It's in a former recording studio and they play music all the time for one's dog. The website says "we like to think of ourselves as a rock and roll dog center. They'll be streaming the music they're playing for the dogs live. Etc. Doggie Day Trips, meanwhile, takes the dog out for a day in the country--perhaps some hiking or swimming--and includes spring water for the pup and some pics for the human. $70 for a one-dog hike, $125 if you have two dogs. Per the website, "Your best friend will be in caring hands while he or she runs, sniffs, and swims in the great outdoors."

Dog Addiction Two

Doggie Day Trips



Anonymous don't have a dog if you can't take care of it. said...

oh gawd help us all...

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