Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Williamsburg Power Plant Up for Another Decision This Week

Power Plant

One day we may wake up and find that an actual decision has been made on the big power plant proposed for the Williamsburg waterfront by TransGas. The 1,100 megawatt plant which has been knocking around for six years is up before the obscure, yet powerful in this case, State Siting Board on Thursday (3/20) in Albany. The session will take place at 1:30PM. In the meantime, the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn is urging residents to send emails again the plant. Here's a bit from their email:
Click here to send a message to Stop the Power Plant now!

The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) is grateful to GWWTF, GWAPP, NAG, other local groups and our local electeds for leading the fight against TGE's power plant for more than six years. OSA supports the plan to build a public park on this waterfront site, not a power plant.
Will the state allow a power plant next to towers of luxury highrise housing? Will the Power Plant That Refuses to Die finally get a stake through the heart and be dispatched forever? Will the Burg have gas? Stay tuned.



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