Saturday, April 26, 2008

Adoptable Brooklyn Cutie of the Week, Part II: Rocko

Here's another adoptable pet of the week from the Brooklyn Animal Rescource Coalition (BARC) shelter in Williamsburg.


Since our cup runneth over with creatures needing a home, we're featuring two dogs today (kitties tomorrow). This is our second Adoptable Cutie of the Week, Rocko. We'll turn it over to the wonderful Lisa from BARC:
Meet Rocko! He's an energetic 2-year-old, playful and friendly in spite of being from an abusive home. He arrived at BARC from the city shelter and has made lots of friends but would really thrive in a loving, safe home. Rocko's a medium sized, pitbull mix, up to date with all the medical stuff, microchipped and neutered of course!
For more info about BARC click here or call 718-486-7489 and tell them you want Rocko. Also remember that Clearly, any potential adopter has to decide if a particular creature in need of a home is right for their living situation, needs and their ability to provide the proper level of care and attention.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that is one cute dog. If only I had the time or patience....

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