Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brookbit: Closed Kellogg's Diner Also DOH'd

The other day we noted that Kellogg's Diner, the spot at Metropolitan and Union Avenue in the Burg that will soon be surrounded by construction, is closed for renovations. A GL reader wrote to tell us that it was also nailed by the Department of Health on April 9 and closed with 77 points--which is fairly high. The violations don't include some of the horror story rodent and vermin stuff that one sees elsewhere, but there's improperly constructed areas, inadequate lighting, dirty cloths, workers not washing hands after using the toilet, workers using their (poopy?) hands to handle food rather than utensils and other forms of grossness. Ironically, it had been inspected in March and gotten 33 point, which required a reinspection. There's a photo of the DOH sticker elsewhere.--GL Inbox



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That place is really disgusting. A lady friend tried to use the bathroom, but the toilet was completely draped in vomit. Then she turned and saw that someone took a dump in the sink. Needless to say, we never plan on going in there again. Horrifying.

12:35 PM  

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