Monday, April 07, 2008

Brookbit: Vanished Railroad

"Years ago, along side the Brighton Line, was a spur for the Long Island Railroad that ended in Manhattan Beach. There are some remnants visible today, even though service ended in the late 1800's. I took some photos at Neck Road station on the Brighton Line. Easy to see are two staircases on both sides of where the right of way would have been. To the left is the present bridge truss of the Brighton Line. This is to the east of the present bridge truss. While the truss is long gone, the concrete embankment that used to hold the truss in place is still there." There are some photos of the remains over at Magical Theme Parks (which is a fun site to explore, regardless).--GL Inbox

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Anonymous Raanan Geberer said...

Actually, passenger service to Manhattan Beach ended around 1920, a few years after the Manhattan Beach hotel burned down. Freight service on the line was scaled back piece by piece until it ended in the mid-1930s. Much of the land was sold to developers in the early 1940s, and in many parts of Midwood, rows of houses on the side of the Brighton Line occupy the path of the Manhattan Beach spur, which ran alongside the Brighton Line until it diverged lower down and ran to Manhattan Beach. A lot of this can be found on an LIRR historical site.

Raanan Geberer

Raanan G.

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