Friday, April 11, 2008

Brooklyn's Gibran School Continues to Be a Lightening Rod

Few New York City schools have gotten the volume of bad press and controversy as the Khalil Gibran School. It has been booted from Park Slope, embroiled in an ugly principal controversy and not embraced in Fort Greene, where it will go next year. Now, it's current location in Boerum Hill is being slammed, per today's Daily News:
It's a school that has had controversy swirling around it from the start - and Brooklyn's controversial Arabic school has had other problems, too. Faced with inadequate space, the Khalil Gibran school has also suffered from discipline problems, charged teachers union representatives and parents.

"The space there is totally unacceptable," said teachers union district representative Bob Zuckerberg. "[It's] something the Department of Education should never have allowed."

Classrooms at the Dean St. building in Boerum Hill are separated by walls that do not reach the ceiling, Education Department officials confirmed. "The noise level is kind of high," Zuckerberg added. "Because of the space issues, it has led to discipline and safety issues."
We are certain the drama will continue.

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Blogger redrawblak said...

i support the gibran school...i'm more than a little troubled by how this has been handled

11:27 AM  

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