Thursday, April 10, 2008

Return of the Pacific Street Sinkhole, Etc.

It's been a while since we heard news of the Giant Sinkhole of Pacific Street in Boerum Hill, but there are developments. First, the big hole has been filled, (never mind that the problem developed in December) but construction equipment has been left behind, and another sinkhole is opening where other work took place. Per an email via the Boerum Hill group:
OK, it's been a couple weeks (I think) since they closed up the Giant Hole on Pacific Street, but two huge diggers are still sitting in front of my house. Now they are attracting garbage -- there's a growing pile of it in the scoop of one of them. I want to call 311, but I don't even know which agency left them here. Can someone tell me who is at fault?
And, then, there's this: make matters worse some separate company came to connect a gas line for a house across the street and when they left there was another sinkhole, which is getting worse by the day. So after all this we have a sinkhole again, plus two pieces of construction equipment gathering garbage and blocking a hydrant. FYI you do not have to know who left the equipment, that's the beauty of 311. They will pull permits and figure it out.
Ah, more to come.



Anonymous loose stool said...

Jeez, how do you get up in the morning. You need to learn to rationalize. Don't do anything about the sink hole. When there is an accident just look out your window and make up an excuse as to why it happened. Maybe its a Tahoe and they deserved to die or how about, the burning beemer had NJ plates and he should have been polluting his own state. This is the only way to survive NYC.

6:52 PM  

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