Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ikea Water Taxi Service Replacing Red Hook Fairway Stop

Water Taxi Dock

When Ikea opens on June 18 and New York Water Taxi begins offering free weekend service from Pier 11 in Manhattan to the new store, the new eco-friendly dock will replace service that had been going to the Van Brunt St. dock behind the Fairway. What service? Well, it's been suspended since December. The dock (shown under construction in the photo above) is designed so that it won't create much shadow, which fish dislike, and to be more handicap accessible than any other Water Taxi stop. The service is operating under an exclusive one-year contract and is subsidized by Ikea. It will depart every 40 minutes on weekends. Presumably, Water Taxi's weekend hop-on, hop-off service will also use the new Ikea stop.

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Anonymous Amy said...

However, I'm fairly certain there are brand new Water Taxi flags at the Fairway dock. I think they went up within the past week.

7:05 AM  

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