Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Poetic Development: Good Morning Rat Race

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Good Morning Rat Race (Carroll Gardens Version)

Good Morning.
The BQE is closed.
Due to flooding. Stay in bed where it’s dry.

There's an accident on Smith Street, but the medivac unit
Just arrived. The cars are huffing and puffing up the ramp,

Past the garbage left by yesterday’s bulldozer.
Across the F train dangles a girder

That stood menacingly on an icy day, then
Pierced a building last night, frozen.

Good Morning, Rat Race. No one
Will win this race, and no one seems to care.

--Graziella Radici

(Poetic Development is verse submitted by GL Contributors. Our newest GL Contributor is Graziella Radici of the Greater Carroll Gardens/Gowanus Metroplex)

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