Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Upcoming: Gowanus Canal Flotilla

Water Rising Flotilla Two

Among the things that spring means are more chances to get out on the Gowanus Canal. So it is with the 9th Annual Gowanus Canal Earth Day Flotilla. This will be happening on Sunday, April 20 from 11AM-3PM and will include "a ceremonial eco-cruise" on the Big G. It is sponsored by the Urban Divers and includes the chance to go up the canal on a 32-foot Indian Shipping Canoe that holds 21 people. Per an email:
Join us for a fun-filled of environmental education through recreation. Paddle along this annual flotilla on the historic and notorious little estuarine waterway that flows in the heart of Brooklyn. Armed with landing nets, garbage bags, our fleet of skiffs, including our unique 32ft canoe (accommodates 21 paddlers at at a time). The Urban Divers Environmental Educators guide eco-volunteers on an eco-cruise and help pick-up floatable debris along the water and on shore...Everyone is also welcomed to bring their own kayaks or canoes or GET ON BOARD OUR FLEET OF VESSELS, including our unique GIANT 32ft INDIAN SHIPPING CANOE- vessel accommodates 21 paddlers at time. To register to volunteer call The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy at 718-802-9874, or 347-224-5828.
The starting point is Second Street at the Canal. A post with photos from last year's event is here and a video is here.

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