Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Williamsburg's Purple 53 Truck in Mississippi, Headed for Texas

Purple 53 Mississippi

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It's been a while since we checked on artist Angel Hess and his Purple 53 truck. Mr. Hess, you might recall, spent nearly a year living at Bedford & N. 11 Street in Williamburg before heading south. A look at his blog reveals that he is in Mississippi and is heading for Texas. This post shows that life in Mississippi is not like like in Brooklyn:
...the area is the most quiet place I've visited yet. The horses are beautiful, all different sizes and kinds. Today the farrier was putting new shoes on the horses. Also Dale's mom came by, she is hilarious; some of her quotes: I live with all the puffed up cotton heads (a nursing home I'm guessing.), and she also wondered how many miles per inch I get in Purple53. The weather in Mississippi is much warmer than Georgia. When the horses are fed they are fed in a stall and they run right into their own stall on q. I think I am now the new web designer for Wind Child Farm because the last one is out of commission.
More updates as the trip continues.



Blogger grumpygirl said...

this guy, angel hess? he's a total nutbar. and i don't mean that beacuse of the fact that he lives in this purple truck. but he's using the whole purple truck thing/artist thing to cover up the fact that he is unpleasant. sorry to say this, but i've had some extremely bizarre business experiences with the guy (such as, i was looking for someone to clean my house so i placed an ad on CL for a barter: some of my art for a housecleaner. the guy writes and says his girlfriend can come clean my house and i don't have to pay her. and then he refuses to let me speak with or email or even meet her, just tells me it's good to be around artists, and why didn't i understand that?... yeah, that made me comfortable having him in my home... )

10:16 AM  
Blogger Purple53 said...

what's a nutbar?

10:53 AM  

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