Monday, December 11, 2006

Dyker Heights Lights! The Photos


Without question, you've gotta check out the Christmas Lights of Dyker Heights. We did on Saturday night. There was traffic and a lot of Brooklynite, New Yorkers and, even, tourists, checking them out. Click here for a slideshow of our flickr set, which has 46 photos. Or, just click over to the set. For the 2005 edition, click here.

If you want to see them with your own eyes--which is best--the area where the lights are centered is between 80th and 86ths Street and 10th and 13th Avenues, with 84th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues having the most, um, festive displays. If you've never been, Dyker Heights is next to Bay Ridge. You can click on this Google Map for help finding the area.

We also have a Brookvid of the Dyker Lights, because you can never get too much Dyker Heights Christmas goodness.




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