Friday, March 23, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles Red Hook Bulletin: Jazz Club to Open in Lillie's Space


The jokes we could crack about this next item and how it will present boundless opportunities to listen to some Miles Davis while reflecting on the Ektorp you just scored are endless. So, instead of taking the low road (for a change) we'll take the high road and point out that renovation has started on the space once occupied by Lillie's in Red Hook. We noticed several people going into the building a couple of weeks ago, but being fixated on trying to stick a lens through a crack in the Ikea fence, we didn't probe during the short conversation we had with one of the gentleman about how Ikea is going to overwhelm the neighborhod with traffic. The new tenant is said to be a jazz club. According to local legend, the building was once a casino owned by Al Capone and housed a brothel upstairs. Which is an entertaining urban legend, if anything.


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