Monday, May 28, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Here's a sampling of some of the comments left by GL readers over the last week:

Coney Island Looking Like Sitt for Memorial Day. "It is absolutely fantastic to see that the negotiations are not in the papers anymore and Coney development is being negotiated between the city and Thor. Its ridiculous for Thor to negotiate in the press and the net when you have total anti-development NIMBY blogs such as yours covering this." [Muscle13]

Smith Street Could Get Very, Very Shiny. "It is an awful design for that corner, and there's no way it's happening without a knock-down drag-out brawl. My sleeves are rolled up." [Gary]

Finally: East River State Park Opens This Weekend. "I though I read here or maybe in one of the other BK blogs that the Park site on Kent in Williamsburg is a brownfield how was it that the City was able to put a Park there? When did they do the clean up? Anyone in the neighborhood have the history on the Park site. Its nice to have green grass by the river but NOT if kids are gonna have risk of getting sick." [Anonymous]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a lifelong Brooklynite whose wife grew up in Coney Island. When we were dating 20 years ago I walked the Boardwalk with her at nights and saw empty lots where Keyspan Park is now and dilapidated Nathans and people were afraid to walk down past Stillwell at night. Drunks and drug addicts were thee norm there. I told her I felt like crying for what happened to Coney.

For the last decade both my wife and I attend as many community meetings as we can on Coney development and Atlantic Yards development. I see a ton of Nimbys like yourself there, but my wife and I thank the good lord that developers have finally believed enough in Brooklyn to build these areas again. Professional sports back to Brooklyn and Coney Island a major attraction again. Its a dream come true for us.

I find blogs such as yours to be more harmful than good to Brooklyn. I know how important these development areas are to Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn.

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