Saturday, July 14, 2007

Brighton Beach Residents Want a Downzone Too

[Photo courtesy of gkjarvis/flickr]

The Brooklyn Downzoning Olympics seems destined for Brighton Beach, but will it occur anytime soon? The Bay News reports that "Brighton Beach residents are getting antsy while waiting to see if their neighborhood will be downzoned." Specifically:
Residents are pushing for a zoning change to prevent developers from demolishing cozy bungalows and erecting multistory condominiums in their place but they say the city isn’t moving fast enough to meet their needs.

“When are you going to downzone Brighton Beach?” Ida Sanoff asked City Councilmember Mike Nelson at a Community Board 13 meeting. “There’s going to be nothing left.”
What Brooklyn neighborhood have we heard these same concerns from recently?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was inevitable that the large condos were going to spread from sheepshead to Brighton.

7:51 PM  

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