Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More Modern Fun on N. 7th Street

Modern Complaint

Don't look now, but our old friend The Modern on N. 7th Street in Williamsburg, to which we've devoted much space (for instance, here, here and here), has been hit with another Stop Work Order. You'll note the image above about workers apparently drilling into, or coming close to drilling into, the L Train subway tunnel, which runs along the property. Last week, the development damaged a sewer line, requiring emergency repairs. And, it's been noted that it is undermining the sidewalk in front of the project. The New York Post even picks up on the story today, playing up the Robert Scarano connection and noting that "NYC Transit officials said the incident did not cause service problems, but residents said transit inspectors had been monitoring the site for weeks since the first complaints about drilling were made last month."

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