Monday, August 27, 2007

Will David Walentas Be a Gowanus "Public Place" Player?

Public Place Development Site Map 2

A few tidbits of information about the big planned Public Place development on that highly toxic site along the Gowanus Canal that was home to a manufactured gas plant surfaced during that Carroll Gardens "Town Hall" meeting on Thursday night. Among the groups interested in submitting RFPs are non-profits such as the Fifth Avenue Committee, the Carroll Gardens Association (not to be confused with the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association) and the Gowanus Canal Community Development Corp. All will team up with developers as partners, which is where the game will get quite interesting. For instance, it's reported that Dumbo's heavyweight developer David Walentas is interested in partnering with an unnamed group to submit a proposal for the 5.8 acre site at Smith and Fifth. Last week, we noted a report that a group connected to Democratic heavyweight Assem. Vito Lopez will be submitting a proposal along with the Gowanus Canal Community Development Corp. and the Carroll Gardens Association, making it an early favorite based simply on the players involved.

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That site is so dirty you must be crazy to touch it with a barge pole

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