Monday, September 24, 2007

Construction Site Du Jour Triple Crown Winner: 70 Berry

70 Berry Sept One

70 Berry Street in Williamsburg is a gift that keeps on giving and giving. This is our third time featuring the crappy fence at this construction site, which we have often found open . The only thing that seems to change, in fact, is the status of the site. Once, it was a cleared lot. Then, it was a hole with a big mountain of dirt and construction equipment with which people could play. There is a Stop Work Order on the site, although the last complaint filed with the Department of Buildings was about work going on in violation of the Stop Work Order. Ironically, when the Department responded two days after the complaint (according to its own records), they found no work going on and that "the site is locked and secure with fence." Which we're certain that it was on the day they went by. Today's bonus, as you can see, are the rusty nails sticking out of the fence and waiting to greet passersby from the far from secure fence. The good news is that no one was working there Sunday evening.

70 Berry Sept Two

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I have the address of this place.

Monday night, I walked down Berry to get some food in W'burg, and when I walked back, noticed the boards down, other people looking at the fact that the boards were down.

I called 311 when I was walking home to report it, and since I didn't have an address, only a corner, the operator would not take my complaint. I'm explaining, "It was dark, there is no number on the building, it's a construction site" and they said, "Go get the number of a building next to it." I was already halfway home before I was connected and I wasn't going back to try to figure it out.

There is no point to 311. I'm convinced of it now.

11:37 PM  

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