Monday, May 14, 2007

GL's Construction Site Du Jour: 77 Berry

70 Berry Two

As today's GL Construction Site du Jour, we nominate 70 Berry Street for the fence trouble it had this weekend, exposing the (not too deep) hole and an excellent mountain of excavated dirt to public use. Dirt boarding, people! This isn't the first time we've found this fence challenged to fulfill its role as a fence. In any case, 70 Berry is destined to become a six-story building with 26 units. It is located on one of Williamsburg's most happening construction corners, the intersection with N. 10 Street, which has two active sites and one stalled project. We'll actually have a couple of former Construction Sites du Jour that we're going to give a Most Improved Award tomorrow, but we had to get this out of our system while it was still fresh.

70 Berry Three

70 Berry One

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