Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Ultimate Brooklyn Halloween Event List

If you haven't already seen it--and hopefully you have--the people at A Child Grows in Brooklyn have put together the ultimate Brooklyn Halloween guide. We're posting it now because we neglected to do so next week, but since most of the events concern the upcoming weekend, the list is still timely. If you have children or if you are looking for Halloween related stuff that is going on, look no further. They've probably missed one or two events, but they've certainly hit a lot of the highlights. It is absolutely required Halloween reading, whether you intend to make the trip to Ricky's to score a costume or not.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for posting about my Halloween list- just to let people know: check the "comments" section under the Halloween post as people added some of their events there.
Happy Halloween!

2:21 PM  

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